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Sampling in ZOTTO

Near the village of Zotino at the Yenisei river (Krasnoyarsk) is located the Zotino Tall Tower Observation Facility (ZOTTO). The ZOTTO tower is a climatic research station focused on greenhouse gasses measurements in the atmosphere, far from human influences in the Siberian taiga. Therefore, this is also an excellent site for dendrochronological studies.

A team from the laboratory spent the last week sampling Pinus sylvestris and Betula pendula in sites with different hydric conditions in the proximity to the tower. The sampling is a continuation of the RNF project #18-74-10048, aiming to evaluate the anatomical and physiological response of pine xylem to variable water availability. Over 300 cores were collected for further analysis.

We want to thank the Sukachev Institute of Forest of the Russian Academy of Sciences to allow access to the station.

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