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About us

Our research aims to identify and evaluate the responses of forest ecosystems to environmental conditions and climate change over large geographical and bioclimatic gradients within the Russian territory. and forecast the potential future reactions of the main forest tree species to ongoing climate change.

The combination of classical research methods and innovative techniques and tools, together with the integration of multiple approaches (dendrochronology, quantitative wood anatomy, tree growth modeling, and remote sensing), is critical to quantify ongoing climate change and its implication in global water and carbon cycles.

The Laboratory for Complex Studies of Forest Dynamics in Eurasia belongs to the Siberian Federal University (Institute of Ecology and Geography) in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Its location at the center of Siberia and Russia is strategical for accessing remote study objects across a huge range of ecosystems (from drought to cold forest-steppe) latitudes, longitudes and mountain ranges.

The laboratory has established fruitful long-term collaborations and exchanges with the most well-known national and international research institutions, publishing important contributions into renowned scientific journals. Our research has been and still is mostly supported by government agencies and numerous research foundations.

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